Thursday, August 5, 2010

CZR Supply and Services: Great Eastern Insurance

CZR Supply and Services: Great Eastern Insurance: "EDUCATION GreatEduPlanner GREAT EDUPLANNER A better future for your child Your child is your pride and joy and you want the ..."

Great Eastern Insurance

Grow and safeguard your savings for a great future

Great MultiCash is an endowment plan that grows your savings while you and your loved ones enjoy comprehensive financial protection. With a range of benefits specially tailored for your needs, this plan can help you realise your goals at every stage in life.
Enjoy attractive cash bonuses
With Great MultiCash, you will receive a yearly cash bonus from the second year onwards. You will have the financial flexibility to withdraw the extra cash to use as you wish. You can also keep it as a part of your policy to reap a larger future payout, or use it to pay future premiums.

Survival benefits every 2 years
Every 2 years, you will enjoy survival benefits – a special cashback scheme that provides you with income without reducing your basic sum assured.

Gain flexibility with your term duration and basic sum assured
Flexible enough at every stage in life, Great MultiCash lets you select your preferred policy term. Choose a policy term of 15, 18, 21, 24, 27 or 30 years depending on your age, budget and needs.*

The same flexibility extends to your basic sum assured, offering you minimum coverage of as low as RM5,000.

Be shielded by up to 90% more protection
Beginning with the 3rd policy year, Great MultiCash provides you with a deferred term assurance advantage. Depending on the policy term you choose, you can gain additional coverage of up to 90% of your basic sum assured. This increased protection grants you complete peace of mind in times of need.

Other benefits include:
  • Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) and Death benefits

  • Maturity benefits

  • Tax benefits

  • *Terms and conditions apply

    Great Eastern Insurance


  • GreatEduPlanner

    A better future for your child

    Your child is your pride and joy and you want the best for him. Our education planner is here to ease your financing requirements for your child's education. With a minimum coverage of RM10,000, you can start your child on the right footing, providing him a guaranteed education fund when he needs it.

    Great EduPlanner is an endowment plan that allows you to participate in the company’s surplus (if any) in the form of compound reversionary bonus and terminal bonus. This means that you will be receiving additional lump sum cash at the end of the policy term for your child’s education expenses.

    With Great EduPlanner, you can enjoy extra coverage with shorter premium payment term. You will have the flexibility to choose a plan with premium payment term of 10, 15 or 20 years depending on your needs.For example, you only pay premium for 10 years and it will give you 15 years of coverage. If you choose the premium payment term of 15 years, then you will enjoy 20 years of coverage. The policy will mature at the end of the coverage term.

    The plan provides:


  • Flexibility to choose a plan with premium payment term of 10, 15 or 20 years to suit your needs.


  • Comprehensive financial protection on death and Totaland Permanent Disability should anything happen to you.


  • Extra protection and coverage with additional supplementary benefits to suit your needs.


  • Favourable tax treatment such as lower taxable income, tax-free benefit and estate tax free benefit (subject to the Malaysian Income Tax Act, 1967).

    You are encouraged to invest in Great EduPlanner if your child is between the ages of one month to 16 years.